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Originally from Macclesfield (UK), currently based in London.

I predominantly make objects, videos, and songs.

These are maybe currently preoccupied with a feeling of wrongness.

Things and stretched, distorted, spliced, unravelled.

They are produced with a sincere care for their crafting, but are often pushed against the limitations of what they might aspire towards. 

Sculptures inhabit the same space as videos and songs, often operating around and between socio-political and self-critique.

The objects, I think, question modes of production, desire, nostalgia, certainty, and sexiness, taking their cues from elements of clothing, furniture and craft.

I am interested in the fluidity of rigid and fragile, the points where things break or fail and how we might strive to hold them up; heat, desire, the dreamy, the unobtainable and the points where things lock into a groove before wobbling and dissolving and finding their groove again.



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