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Originally from Macclesfield (UK), currently based in London.

I predominantly make objects, videos, and songs.

These are maybe currently preoccupied with feelings of wrongness.

This is often juxtaposed, or complimented, through an engagement with processes of craft, and a wrong approach to their productions.

I'm aiming to consider craft in a broad sense, which is inclusive of object-making as well as sonic explorations within songwriting and improvisation.

Similarly, the wrongness can be situated within a variety of locations: socio-political situation, self-critique, bad feelings and broken things. 

Often the approach to crafting is a method through which the wrongness attempts to be either rectified or exaggerated. 

Things are regularly distorted, spliced, stretched, or unravelled. But equally, things may seek to be repaired, made harmonious, or to become seductive. I'm trying to see these potential states not as opposing poles, but each as effects who may allow their effectee to become more, or less, wrong. 

Within text, words may sometime break beyond clear articulation, freeing their sound or loose meaning to become base material.

Chronology is intentionally confused.

The work often requests a slowed attention, attempting to push against the pace of the attention economy doomscroll.

Sculptures regularly inhabit the same space as videos and songs, and I think, question modes of production, desire, nostalgia, certainty, and sexiness. 

I am interested in the fluidity of rigid and fragile, the points where things break or fail and how we might strive to hold them up; heat, desire, the dreamy, the unobtainable and the points where things lock into a groove before wobbling and dissolving and finding their groove again.



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