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Originally from Macclesfield, currently based in London.

Studying for an MFA in Fine Art at The Slade, UCL.

Working across a variety of media, my practice is broadly concerned with the meeting points between image and song. The work often engages with intersecting socio-political anxieties, as well as humour, millennial-ness, masculinity, folk dissent, and doubt. Recent works have adopted the form of short music-video-vignettes, as well as sculptural objects, taking their cues from elements of clothing, furniture and craft.


Alongside this, I have also produced writing and drawings that flit between personal experience, politics and pop-culture.

I am interested in the fluidity of rigid and fragile, the points where things break or fail and how we might strive to hold them up; heat, desire, the dreamy, the unobtainable and the points where things lock into a groove before wobbling and dissolving and finding their groove again.



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